• Tree Orders Leave Paddock Looking Bare

    2020 was an unusual season as 75% of our sales were from orders for pickup and delivery. They just kept coming and on Sat 5 Dec we had to stop all orders, and tree sales at the yard, because there were only enough trees in the paddock to meet the existing orders. Christmas Trees take 4-5 years to grow, so it's almost impossible to...
  • Potted Christmas Trees

    Potted Christmas Trees

    Every Christmas we get asked about buying Christmas trees in pots. We don't sell trees in pots but wanted to let everyone know that the best time to buy them is during the year, not at Christmas, and the best place to buy them is from a nursery.Tip 1 - If you ask for a Christmas tree, they'll say they don't sell them. A...
  • How long does a Christmas Tree last?

    The standard  answer is 4 weeks, and the image shown here is a tree that was cut down at the start of December and picked up after Christmas. The needles are straight, fresh and green. There are basic guidelines such as cut the base, fresh water, out of the heat, less lights the better but generally they will stay good. However they are individual...
  • Best time to buy a Christmas Tree

    We get asked a lot about the best time to buy a Christmas Tree. There are specific reasons why people buy at certain times (religious, overseas visitors, going on holidays etc), but apart from that it's a personal choice. Hopefully some of this information can help the decision. At the start of the December season the trees in the paddocks look magnificent. There are...
  • Merry Christmas and Thank You

    Merry Christmas and Thank You

    Have a Merry Christmas, take care on the roads, toast the memory of loved ones and and enjoy this special time with family and friends.
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