About Us

We've been selling Christmas trees in the Adelaide Hills for many years and have lots of familiar faces coming back to see us every year. Our Christmas trees are trimmed for a fresh, bushy appearance. There are no bags covering them, and there is usually plenty to choose from.

We lease yard space in Adelaide Hills Garden Supplies in Verdun, usually for the first 3 weeks in December. We bring in fresh, bushy trees daily that can be ordered for pickup or delivery. It's a good idea to pre-order as we put aside the best selection of trees for orders. We can also sell out of trees for the day if we get busy so please pre-order, or call before coming up to pick one. If you pre-order you can still choose your own tree, unless your the last person to turn up for the day :)

We've also started selling Christmas novelties and decorations, available only online. They are fun items, Christmas related and are delivered from overseas.