"We were absolutely delighted with our 2020 Christmas Tree. Thank you for efficient delivery." - Julie & Chris

"Thank you so much for our beautiful tree." - Judy & Steve

"My tree arrived yesterday and it is PERFECT. Thank you – I love it so much.  It is green and fresh and perfectly proportioned.  I almost don’t want to decorate it as it looks so good." - Kay

"Thank you for our amazing Christmas . Although we bought one from you last year - and it was the best tree we’ve ever had- this tree is just magnificent - 8 foot of stunning tree and covered with beautiful decorations." - Vicki

"Thank you so much! What a beautiful surprise! We are absolutely blown away by your customer service." - Skye

"Just an update. Two weeks after we got the tree from you, it is as fresh as the day we brought it home. Best Xmas tree ever!!" - Leslie

"This year's tree was indeed excellent, probably the greenest, freshest, bushiest and best trimmed tree that we've ever bought" - Margaret

"We got our tree thank you. It is the prettiest tree I have ever seen! I have grown up with real trees but this is the first time I have ever bought one myself. I am just so happy with the quality and look." - Michelle


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