Orders for our Christmas Tree deliveries and pickup usually start about May each year (our website will be ready for orders in March). Our deliveries usually fill by the end of October and our pickups fill by the end of November.

However, we only allocate 80% of our Christmas Trees for orders. The remaining 20% are available for sale (eftpos or cash) most days leading up to Christmas. These trees are for walk-in customers, who for various reasons did not order because they are busy, ill, forgetful, family issues, or simply only found out what great trees we have at the last minute!

We spread the sales of these 'extra' trees right up until the last day of trading. They are sold on a first come basis, no holds, no orders but it gives everyone a chance to get a beautiful tree. We also do this to keep the trees fresh. We don't want Christmas Trees hanging around too long because we want them looking their best, so we'd rather sell out of trees each day and have a fresh cut load for the next day.

Our main cuts are on Mon, Wed & Fri with top ups in between, so if you haven't ordered, and you want the best chance of a really nice tree, come on Mon, Wed or Fri mornings. We'll keep you up to date on the main page of our website, where we post the latest about available trees.

Next year .... think about ordering earlier, maybe in September.

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