Our first day for selling Christmas Trees this year (2021) is Friday 26 November. Christmas trees can now be ordered for pickup or delivery. If you want to guarantee a tree, delivery or date, then the earlier the better as deliveries are usually full well before Christmas. Please select your options from the menu.

We will be located in the yard at Adelaide Hills Garden Supplies, Verdun, where we lease yard space to sell the trees.

Please note our deliveries usually fill by the end of November each year. We limit the number of deliveries each day to keep the trees look fresh and bushy, and only deliver to residential addresses in the Adelaide suburbs. You need to contact us first if it is more than 15km from the city centre. We do not deliver to the Central Business District. 

Please note we deliver only and we do not setup trees. Our drivers work alone and cannot leave the truck, or enter homes.

You will need assistance to set up your Christmas Tree. Someone needs to hold the tree straight, balanced, while the other person secures the tree in the stand. There is no other way. The tree will remain fresh in water and can be setup anytime. It is very important that the water be kept fresh and checked every day. If the water runs low, the tree will seal its truck and no amount of fresh water will bring it back.

If you have ordered a Christmas Tree you will still be able to select the one of your choice. We put all the ordered trees aside and you can choose. Of course, this still means you will have less choice later in the day, but you will still be guaranteed a tree. We make sure the ones at the end of the day are just as good!


We also have some fabulous Christmas gifts and novelty items direct from the supplier, including cushion covers, decorations, jewellery, tees, hats, clothing and pet novelties. These items are can be ordered during the year giving you lots of time to plan for Christmas. We'll remove the Novelty options in November when we again will focus on Christmas trees.

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