Cinco Classic C-152 Christmas Tree Stand
Cinco Classic C-152 Christmas Tree Stand

Cinco Classic C-152 Christmas Tree Stand

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The unique, patented, clover-leaf shape, with the wide-low water reservoir, is specifically designed to accommodate irregular shaped trunks and trunks with low hanging branches. Less often will you have to pass on that beautiful tree because it will not fit in your stand. Nor will you have to trim away those full branches that give the tree its perfect shape.

The cut through image of the Classic Stand shows how a tree is held in place by a Four point anchor system. The pins to the base provide the first anchor, helping to centralize the tree and mounting it to the base, but at the same time keeping the trunk slightly raised to allow for maximum water take-up.

The three strong adjustable bolts at the top provide an easy and secure system for straightening the tree as well as locking it securely in place.
Cinco stands are built to handle them all. Made from no-break, prime, automotive-grade polypropylene, and heavy gauge steel fasteners, Cinco stands out perform and outclass any other. Better materials, and more of them.

Model: C-152
Stand Size: Small
For real trees up to 8ft (2.44 m) tall
Trunk diameter 5.5" (13.97 cm)
1 Gallon (3.78 lts) water reservoir
Weighs: 3.65 lbs (1.66 kgs)
EAN/UPC code: 7 17611- 00011 3

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